Session proposals

BiCon sessions are 75 minutes each and will generally be scheduled in a classroom / meeting room suitable for up to 30 participants. Flipchart pads & whiteboards are provided in all rooms, with more advanced A/V facilities available if required. See the timetable on the "programme" page for a rough idea of the daily schedule. Should you wish to run a session outside the allotted times, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

If you have already planned a session which you would like to run at BiCon 2009, please submit a detailed proposal to: sessions@… or use our easy to use form here.

You should include:
1. Your name as you wish it to be shown in the booklet
2. The title of your session. Please try to keep this brief so that it will fit on the timetable!
3. An abstract, or brief description of your session including any specific requirements for attendees, etc. (max 100 words)
4. A brief Bio of yourself (max 50 words)
5. Any age, or other restriction for attendees: (16) (18) (men/women only) if appropriate.
6. Which days you will be available to run your session. If you have a preferred time of day, you can include that too, but we can't guarantee to adhere to your wishes if the schedule is tightly packed.

To discuss an idea for a session

If you have an idea for something a bit different, but you're unsure if it would work, then send an outline to: sessions@…

To suggest a session

If you have a suggestion for a session which you would like to see offered at BiCon, but you don't want to run it yourself, please enter it in the comments box below. We'll list all suggestions and people can then choose to run them if they wish.

Don't forget: New ideas always welcome at BiCon 🙂