BiCon 2008 is over, but we are looking forward to BiCon 2009!

It's been a great weekend in Leicester, and congratulations to the whole 2008 team for another great time – but all things must come to a close.

Work now continues to plan for Bicon 2009 in Worcester. Look out here on the website for more details in the next weeks and months for ideas for such things as sessions/workshops – to put your own thoughts on what you would like to run – as well as lots more.

If you haven't already put your details into the pre-registration form (no commitments, and no money down!) then don't forget – and if you have an online calendar you can also add the ‘UK Bi events Calendar': or you can just view it as a webpage.

There will be plenty more chances as well to be able to help out and to put forward your ideas for how you would like Bicon 2009 to be organised – and for you to help. There are many ways you can help next year to be another great weekend – during the event, and in advance. It doesn't have to be a big scary commitment – it can be as simple as dropping off some leaflets, or just telling your friends how much fun you had this weekend, and suggesting they come along with you next year!

For now – rest, and we'll let you know very soon more ideas of how you can help to prove that a fantastic Bicon is made of fantastic people, just like you.